logo4Valverite was established in1983 as a family business in a small house in Maclean Street, Pietermaritzburg. Now almost 30 years later we have grown into a successful business in the engineering and plumbing sales market. We have undergone many changes and are now one of the leading engineering sales businesses in Pietermaritzburg. Valverite strives to deliver outstanding products, quality and customer services.
The building has extended to over 1000 sq meters and the staff has grown too. We take great pride in our work and customer satisfaction. We cover all valves, pipes, fittings, lagging, gaskets, flanges, bolts and nuts and a large plumbing section. The plumbing covers geysers, solar geysers, copper pipe, basins, baths etc. The valve department carries a wide selection of valves, asco solenoid valves, Wika pressure gauges, Hattersley valves, TTV Butterfly valves and actuators, Non return valves, gate valves, steam traps, Globe valves, safety valves in different sizes and pressures. These valves can be in cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel or brass. Also all PVC fittings and pipes. Our customers expect a fast response in order to minimize down time.
We are open 6 days a week 7am to 4.30 pm and also Saturday mornings. We have staff on standby to be called out at any time.
This is the benefit of having a large stock holding on hand 24/7. We have 5 delivery trucks and delivery in Natal area
With 30 years of continuously supplying and improving we have gained the trust of our clients from all over.
We are working strictly according to high standards and believe that “The quality of today’s service at Valverite will win the market of tomorrow’s world” We continuously develop and improve ourselves to keep pace with customers higher requirements.
We supply engineering equipment. A vast variety of pipes, valves & plumbing. Also pumps, flanges, pressure and temperature gauges, plastic ranges of pipes & fittings, thermaflex pipe lagging.